Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth- Bob & Larry


  • Story: Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth
  • Character(s): Bob & Larry
  • Word count: 252 words

LARRY: A bank?

Two men completed the stairs to the Intercontinental Bank. The automatic doors slid to either side as they approached.

BOB: A bank, yes, Larry.

Bobby wore a hat over his head and a short-sleeved shirt. He had dark glasses covering his eyes, and the man stroked his moustache once as he strode, Larry close behind him. The two made for the first teller they found unoccupied. About a meter off, Bobby turned back to Larry.

BOB: It’s both your training and first mission. Make me proud. Make Norman proud. Get ready.

TELLER: Good morning, sir, how may I help you?

Bobby approached the teller, a young lady, perhaps in her mid-twenties. She had short, dark hair, and a beautiful piece hanging down her ear. Red lipstick complimented her light complexion, and her navy-blue suit matched with the pink blouse looked lovely on her.

BOB: Hello.

Bobby fished out a wallet from his trouser, unzipped it, then flashed out a card, which he passed under the teller’s window.

BOB: You guys have the “Executive” option, I suppose?

TELLER: We do. Would you like me to make a transaction for you?

BOB: Yes, please.

The teller inserted Bobby’s card into a slot in a machine, about a few centimeters off the computer she was seated facing.

TELLER: Okay, let’s just confirm your details first.

The teller glanced once at her screen, then looked back at Bobby, shocked.

BOB: No questions asked unless you’d like to have a chat with the Commander.

To be continued tomorrow at 4.20 PM, EAT (GMT+3). Appologies for today’s delay!

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