Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth- Bob & Larry II

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  • Story: Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth
  • Character(s): Bob & Larry
  • Word count: 287 words

The teller just looked at Bobby in shock; then, as she slowly turned to her screen, the man went on.

BOB: Sound the alarm in…

He looked at his watch, then at Larry before turning back to the teller

BOB: 7 seconds. Do not hesitate. Do not be late.

Bobby turned to Larry

BOB (whispering): Your time is now. Go!

And the bank doors suddenly slid open; two masked men wielding automatic rifles stormed in, one taking the left-wing and the other the right, as they sprayed hails of bullets in the air.

FIRST MAN (left-wing): Go down, now! Raise your head, and you die.

Anyone who had value for life scrambled to the floor, and in the confusion, Bobby turned back to the teller, who nodded vigorously before sinking below her counter.

One of the four guards who guarded each end of the bank reached for his weapon, and a hail of bullets punctured his chest. He bled as he dropped to the floor, his gun sliding off his hand and to a distance off his writhing body.

A civilian looked at the gun. Bobby turned to Larry once before he lay flat on the floor with his hands behind his head.

One of the remaining guards approached the teller near Bobby, drawing his pistol as he did. Bobby craned his neck to look, and saw Larry on the floor, behind him a few inches to the right.

BOB (whispering): What?

Larry looked at Bobby, then raised his head once as the guard reached the teller.

SECOND MAN (right-wing): You! Hands.

Larry looked ahead of him, and the second masked man with a loaded machine gun approached, looking down with a serious look on his face.

To be continued at a later time. A review of the two parts shall be done on Benie Writes on Friday 29th of May, 2020.)

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