Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth R.2- Bob & Larry



  • Story: Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth
  • Characters: Bob & Larry
  • Word count: 235 words

TELLER: Nick? What do you want…

The second guard had approached the Teller and pointed his weapon at the young lady who was sunk below the counter, seated on the floor with her knees folded up. She looked up at him in disbelief.

SECOND GUARD: Shut up and give me the code.

The Teller looked down once, then with a trembling mouth, struggled to answer.

TELLER: W-what code.

The guard corked his gun, and before his finger was back on the trigger, Larry’s strong sweep had knocked him off his balance and sent him to the cold floor, with his back taking the weight. The guard groaned once, then turned to watch the pistol that had sprung from his grip halt beneath the second man’s right foot.

The second man had his gun pointed at Larry, who was on one knee with his head bent, and the left arm stretched to an angle, partly supporting his weight.

SECOND MAN: Say hello to…

Bobby rolled on his back to farther left of his position, and the second man immediately shot in the direction. He slightly missed a civilian, who screamed before collapsing.

A sharp pang seemed to hit the second man’s neck suddenly, and his slung gun immediately went loose to his left side. The left hand struggled with the weight of the rifle as he staggered, the right arm reaching for his neck.

To be continued tomorrow


Stay safe, bye.

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