Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth R.2- Bob & Larry



  • Story: Soldiers Of Fortune: Rebirth
  • Character(s): Bob & Larry
  • Word count: 275 words

The second man dropped on the floor before he could do much, his heavy weight leaving the room dead silent. A civilian approached him, and saw a tiny needle sticking out of the man’s neck.

Bobby turned to Larry, and saw him holding a gun steadily at the second guard. The gun had light-blue strips sandwiched between two white ones, which ran along its barrel.

BOB: Larry…

Bobby looked around the bank as he got up to his feet, and Larry did the same. Larry turned back down to the second guard.

LARRY: The other guy… where is he?

The guard just laughed as he looked up at Larry.

BOB: The other guards too.

LARRY: Where!

The guard laughed again. Larry pulled the trigger, and a civilian screamed, as others hid their faces. A few watched, and a tiny needle struck the man’s neck.

SECOND GUARD (weakly): N-no…

The second guard passed out. Larry looked around the bank, then down at the civilians.

LARRY: Go! Go! Go! Now.

The civilians all clambered off the floor and scrambled for the doors, pouring themselves out at once. Larry looked at Bobby, who checked his watch, then turned to the men lying unconscious.

Larry sped to the bank’s emergency exit, which was just a few paces behind the teller rooms. He pushed the small door open, and out along the pathway, lay a man dressed in guard uniform. He had a hole in his head, and the area around it had dry spurts of blood; it looked pale.

Larry dropped his head, shaking it lightly. The door behind him opened, and Bobby walked out to the same sight.

To be continued at a later time. (A review of the two parts will go up on Benie Writes on Friday the 10th)

See you the coming weekend.


Stay safe, bye.

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